ALPHA LUXE GROUP - Luxury real estate agency of the year

Alpha Luxe Group: Istria's premier luxury real estate agency

ALPHA LUXE GROUP is a professional real estate agency with end-to-end services representing and connecting its clients throughout the real estate investment, creating lasting value.

The agency specializes in luxury Croatian real estate in residential and commercial capacities for domestic and international buyers and investors.

A team of licensed agents, lawyers, designers, marketing experts, surveyors, and builders ensures frequent, rapid, precise, and profitable transactions.

It also enables customers to receive tailored services that meet every unique requirement for property investment.

"We have combined all related activities in the real estate market to offer a one-stop solution.

Our system saves buyers valuable time by streamlining the investment process and allowing their real estate dreams to become a reality. "

Robert Budimir


Buying and selling property

Our expertise has united many buyers, developers, business owners, individuals, large companies, and more.

We have received many referrals that have increased our customer base through trust, which has grown steadily since our inception.

"We work tirelessly with integrity, clarity, and emphasis on transparency."

Marketing services

As we run ISTRA PLAKATI, an agency specializing in marketing, outdoor advertising, digital advertising, media rental, and design studios, your property will get the best and most media exposure and, thus, the highest rate on the market.

Legal department

We deal with every transaction seriously and professionally; therefore, we have a legal department specializing in property, commercial, and corporate law that solves all legal issues.

Crypto payments

As the first agency in Croatia to integrate cryptocurrency payments into its offer, we have become part of the global crypto community and pride ourselves on dictating trends in tourism, real estate, and marketing services.


ALPHA LUXE GROUP will also help you evaluate properties: commercial, residential, and industrial properties, hotels and businesses, among others.

We dispose of in-depth knowledge, experience, and insights into the real estate market.

Each evaluation case corresponds to the requirements of the customer in question, and we offer practical advice if necessary.

"ALPHA LUXE GROUP will bring milestones in your real estate business and projects.

"Don't hesitate to contact us for any services and consultations on your properties or plans.

We are ready to serve you in all real estate matters."

Robert Budimir